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Try Let's Make A Deal. Is it better to always stay with your first choice? Is it better to always change your mind? Does it make it difference? The answer might surprise you. A fun lesson in the Laws of Probability. (88 KB)

Try my CNA Practice Exam Program. There are 356 multiple choice questions that will be sure to test your knowledge. It will grade you, chart you, and let you review all the questions that you got incorrect.  (Warning - 20MB)

Play Rob Trivia. 1,200 different questions to test your knowledge. (3.9 MB)

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Solitary 3 - Bonus Footage - RobRob Rap

Solitary v3.0 - Bonus Footage - #4 Memory Lane - Part 1

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Solitary v3.0 - Bonus Footage - #7 Rap

Solitary v3.0 - Bonus Footage - #7 Memory Lane

Solitary v3.0 Bonus Footage - #4 Scream Fest

Solitary v3.0 - Premiere - Battle of the Pods

Solitary v3.0 - Episode 2 - Pinch Me, I must be Nightmaring!

Solitary v3.0 - Episode 3 - Rats!

Solitary v3.0 - Episode 4 - "I Am A Complete Idiot" (2/7/09)

Solitary v3.0 - Episode 5 - "Sweeney Pod" (2/14/09)

Solitary v3.0 - Episode 6 - "Hello, My Name Is Chubby" (2/21/09)

Solitary v3.0 - Episode 7 - "Rest in Pieces" (2/28/09)

Solitary v3.0 - The Finale - Episode 8 - "The W of S 3.0 =" (3/07/09)

Solitary v3.0 - Viral Video - ABC's

Solitary v3.0 - Viral Video - Phone Calls From Home

Solitary v3.0 - 3 Seasons of Solitarians

Solitary v3.0 - Solitarians & The Bed Of Nails

Solitary v3.0 - Viral Video - #7 and the Diaper

Solitary v3.0 - Viral Video - Crawling and Val Spa

Solitary v3.0 - Viral Video - #3 and the Carcass

Solitary v3.0 - Viral Video - Naughty #3

Solitary v3.0 - Viral Video - Aroma Therapy

Solitary v3.0 Viral Video - Cheese

Solitary v3.0 Viral Video - Beer Pong

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